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What’s that saying: you don`t know what you have until it’s gone? I`m talking about you, summer.  I didn’t show nearly enough appreciation for you while you were here.  You were so lovely to me, and I cranked up the A/C and complained it was too hot out.

Summertime, guys- remember summertime?!

Yeah, me too.  Cocktails on a patio, walking outside without a parka, sunlight until practically 9pm….  It’s just the best!

For me, summer means cottaging.  I`m so lucky to have a family cottage, which my grandparents built.  When I was a pre-teen, I got to spend all of my middle-school summers there. I when I say I “got to,” I mean my parent dragged my sister & I, kicking and screaming, to this beautiful place.   We hated it. It just wasn’t cool enough for us. How were we supposed to see our friends? They would all obviously forget about us completely over the summer!

Swimming in the lake.


Epic pancake breakfast

This is the view from my cottage.  For reals.  Don`t you kinda want to kick 12 year old me, and tell her that someday, when she has to work & pay bills, she`ll consider herself insanely lucky to have such a crazy beautiful place to get away to?  She`d laugh at you of course.  No way man. Cottages are lame-o.

Fac (12)

Dress weather & a cold drink at the cottage, what could be better than that :-)

Fac (138)

Buddy girl all ready to go cottaging.

Cool flower shot my Mom took.


Fac (111)

Sunny weather; I cannot wait for warm, sunny weather again!


So there you have it- the bane of my 12-year old existence. I`m currently counting down the days until I can go back.  Technically, I could go now, but I`m not really a fan of pulling my bag behind me on a sled, since the road is closed off due to snow.  And I think my cat appreciates my waiting, too.  She`s never been a fan of sledding, or of any winter sports for that matter.

weekend things

I refuse to accept that it is Monday already. I`m allergic to Mondays.  Mondays are against my religion.  Okay, not really, I just really prefer the weekend -> obviously, who doesn`t?!

Sunday I made apple-cinnamon pancakes for a (very) late breakfast.  Pancakes guys, pancakes.  I am way to lazy to make them during the week; I`m not even a breakfast eater.  At all.  When everyone is bonding over their shared love of breakfast, saying things like”Ohmigod, isn`t breakfast the best?! I could eat it every meal of the day,” I`m the one person who says “Nope, not a fan...”  I never eat it, and I honestly don`t like breakfast food- except for these apple pancakes…


It helps that they are super, duper easy to make- Only five ingredients, and if you are like me, you’d ask your sister/kids/hubby to grate the apples for you, which is by far the hardest & most time-consuming part (which hopefully goes to show how simple & quick they are to make).

I made myself blueberry sauce, and my boyfriend had maple syrup.  We are Canadian after all, so at least one of us had to.  I think its a law or something.





My iced coffee.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I poured some maple syrup straight onto my plate and then proceeded to eat it with a fork.

All in all, it wasn`t the most exciting weekend, but that meant that it was a relaxing one.  After throwing a party last weekend, it was nice to take it easy, relax & drink some maple syrup.  What did you do this weekend?