a few photos i love

My main reason for starting this blog was to encourage myself to keep playing with my camera & just generally take tons of pictures.  When I travel, I have it on me constantly, it’s practically a part of my body.  I pull it out for parties too, but generally it tends to stay in it’s bag other than those two times.  But not anymore, hopefully!

Here are a few photos that I have hanging around on my computer that I`m pretty happy with. I love photographing nature: landscapes, animals, flowers, etc.



I thought the pink guy above was the coolest flower, though I have no idea what kind of flower it is.  It grows with it’s center (the part in this photograph) pointing downwards, and sadly in trying to take this picture, I think I bent/broke the stem, which is how I managed to get this shot.   I try to follow that philosophy, “take only photos, leave only footprints,” meaning don`t break the flowers Jess, but I obviously failed epically that time.  Oppsie.

100 (3)

Hope you had a relaxing/fun weekend.  I`ll be posting some recent photos of my weekend soon, and none of those will be of flowers.  Mostly because everything here is covered with roughly 1 million feet of snow.

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2 thoughts on “a few photos i love

  1. Rachel says:

    Great pictures! I appreciate that you started this blog to get yourself to keep working with the camera. I’ve been thinking about buying a camera and trying out a new hobby, but I’m definitely afraid! Its an expensive hobby!

    • Jessica says:

      So true, it can be expensive. If you are hoping to buy a DSLR one piece of advice I have heard is to try to find a used body, because supposedly it’s the lens that really matters. Thanks so much for for the compliment on the pictures :)

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