obsessing over…

1. Gorgeous spring colors

essie spring colours(Source)

Tell me those colors aren`t stunning!  I especially love the coral, Mango Bango.   From left to right the colors are Good As Gold, Mango Bango, and Lights.  

2.  Homeland


Have you guys been watching Homeland?  I just discovered it, and I am addicted.  I`m a little behind, because I usually shy away from the “action” type shows, in favor of chick-shows like Grey’s, or sitcoms.  But I tell ya, this show sucks you in- I`ve torn through the whole first season in about a week.

3.  Loaded salads

I`m weirdly obsessed with salads. I love to bring them to parties- who does that? I sneak Subway salads into the movie theater.  I`ll throw anything on a salad, its the healthiest way to enjoy many of my favorite foods.  If i`m craving tacos, sometimes i’ll turn them into a taco salad, and since I`m forgoing the tortilla, I allow myself a little extra of the good stuff: taco meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole- yum!    Take some inspiration from the amazing Andie over at Can You Stay For Dinner- the one gal who may actually like salads more than I do.  Take it from her, and me: you can throw pretty much anything on a salad.  Pulled pork on salad, like I showed you yesterday, is amazing.

4.  Fresh Flowers


Having flowers in the house makes my whole day just a little bit better.  Flowers on sale? Even better.  I buy them when they are 50% off, and last week I managed to get two bouquets for a total of $11.  Happy day.

5.  If I Had A Million Flavors


This stuff is insaaaane!  You`ve probably tried Ben & Jerry’s awesome Half Baked, which is half vanilla ice cream, half chocolate ice cream, with tons of brownie & cookie dough chunks thrown in, right? Well this is like a super-amped up, extra delicious version of that.  Half chocolate ice cream, half vanilla, with white chocolate chunks, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered toffee, and best of all, tons of chocolate peanut butter cups.  Ah-maze-ing.  If you try it, you`ll be tempted to buy it again every single time you enter a story.  Consider yourself warned.


4 thoughts on “obsessing over…

  1. I have Good as Gold by Essie and it is great! It goes on really easy too. Weird how some go on easier than others, right? And that ice cream looks wild!

  2. TJ says:

    Loving those Essie nail colors! And fresh flowers are always perfect :)
    xo TJ

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