aruba, jamaica, oooh i wanna take ya


6 weeks ago today, I was lucky enough to spend a day in Aruba.

Am I the only person who has that song by the Beach Boys stuck in their head all the time?   Come on pretty mama, Key Largo, Montego… No, just me?  If you mention any of the places in that song to me, I will have that song stuck in my head for a week.  And unfortunately for you, it won`t just stay in my head- i`ll be singing it.  And I only know about 4 lines.  So that gets annoying fast.

Anywho.  Before I got off track there, I was going to say this- Here are some photos from Aruba:


I miss you, bathing suit weather.  This is what is looks like here:


Not cool Canada.  That photo wasn`t even taken today- today is actually much worse.  Add about a gazillion tons of extra snow to what you see in this picture, and you can imagine the joyous winter wonderland I am now living in.

Back to the dreamy beachy-ness that is Aruba.  Look at that water:


This is not my dog.  But look how cute!  That dog definitely deserves to be blogged about, don`t you agree?



On that note, I`m going to go crank up the heat, make myself a pina colada & celebrate that fact that tomorrow is Friday :-)


One thought on “aruba, jamaica, oooh i wanna take ya

  1. Haha! I would take the snow or the sand. We have crappy rain right now. Ugh. I’d really take either! Though, a pina colada sounds amazing. Happy almost Friday!

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