getting to know ya!


So you can get to know me a little bit, and also simply because I love reading basically anything that is posted in point-form, I thought it was time for a little get to know you. For more basic info about me, check out my recently updated About section!

So here it goes!

You know how some people get scared or at least really nervous to go to the dentist?  That’s how I am about going to the hairdresser…

In the past three years I`ve lost about 75 pounds.  Actually it’s more like 65 because I’ve gained about 10 back, but let’s just pretend that didn`t happen ;)

meMe 2.5 years ago/Me 2 months ago

– I wasn`t allowed to watch TV as a kid, which basically means when people start to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song, or talk about the Cosby Show, I have to sit that conversation out because… I don`t know what that is.  In fact, I just had to google it to see if it is the Cosby Show or the Crosby Show. True story.


Dinosaurs/Fresh Prince (Or so I`ve been told…)

-I love watching Teen Mom. And Teen Mom 2. Whatever. I said it.

– I`m pretty obsessed with chocolate & ice cream; I eat one or the other every. single. day.


Okay, this is actually my boyfriends cone.  Mine would obviously be chocolate, and I always get mine in a cup (yeah, I`m weird)

– I am very frugal.  I wanted to buy a cheesy chick lit book, but it was about $25, and so I went home without buying it.  The thing was, I had a GIFT CARD!  I can`t even spend my gift money wastefully!  I did eventually convince myself to return to the store, and used the gift card to get the book.

-I`ve been to 36 countries.  37 if you let me count Vatican City…


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

– There is pretty much a 50/50 chance that I`m having pasta for dinner tonight, and every other night.

– Whenever I watch Who Wants to Be a Millionaire I always sing “whooo wants to beee a million-aaaaaaaire” along with the music they play at the beginning.  Then one day, a friend commented on how it was funny that I have made up a little song to go along with the music.  But until that second, I legitimately, for who knows what reason, thought that song was a “thing.”  Like I imagined I had heard it on the show before, or that everyone, naturally, sang that song when the opening music played.

That’s all for now folks!  Leave something about yourself in the comments so I can to know you too, pretty please!


4 thoughts on “getting to know ya!

  1. leah. says:

    you left such a sweet comment on one of my blog posts… so i followed you, and i’m so glad i did! we share a lack of childhood television knowledge and a horrible tendency to be frugal.. i agonize over spending gift-cards wisely! now the teen mom thing… well, my husband is addicted.

    so glad to have found you.

  2. Caroline L. says:

    Same on the pasta point… literally have it for every meal. I always love reading getting-to-know-you posts! :)

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