weekend things

I refuse to accept that it is Monday already. I`m allergic to Mondays.  Mondays are against my religion.  Okay, not really, I just really prefer the weekend -> obviously, who doesn`t?!

Sunday I made apple-cinnamon pancakes for a (very) late breakfast.  Pancakes guys, pancakes.  I am way to lazy to make them during the week; I`m not even a breakfast eater.  At all.  When everyone is bonding over their shared love of breakfast, saying things like”Ohmigod, isn`t breakfast the best?! I could eat it every meal of the day,” I`m the one person who says “Nope, not a fan...”  I never eat it, and I honestly don`t like breakfast food- except for these apple pancakes…


It helps that they are super, duper easy to make- Only five ingredients, and if you are like me, you’d ask your sister/kids/hubby to grate the apples for you, which is by far the hardest & most time-consuming part (which hopefully goes to show how simple & quick they are to make).

I made myself blueberry sauce, and my boyfriend had maple syrup.  We are Canadian after all, so at least one of us had to.  I think its a law or something.





My iced coffee.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I poured some maple syrup straight onto my plate and then proceeded to eat it with a fork.

All in all, it wasn`t the most exciting weekend, but that meant that it was a relaxing one.  After throwing a party last weekend, it was nice to take it easy, relax & drink some maple syrup.  What did you do this weekend?


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