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Excuses for a Friday Shopping Spree…

It’s that time of year again… When the buttons start falling off all my clothes at the same time, and I realize I should have asked Santa for some new clothes during the holidays. So… time to go shopping & use up my leftover gift cards from Christmas!  Seriously, it was starting to seem like every time I got dressed, I would notice a new *tiny* little hole or stain on the shirt I was wearing.  The jeans I am wearing are borrowed from my sister, and I’ve had this sweater since high school, so I decided I deserved a few new things:

PicMonkey Collage 1

  1. In love with the pattern on this tank top – only $6 at Sirens!
  2. Super fresh sour jube-jubes
  3. Neeeew Redbook
  4. My new tees & tank top

I came home to this adorable sight: My cat, Buddy (yeah, I named my girl cat Buddy.  The person I got her from deeefinitely told me she was boy- whoops!)


I`m sure she had a long day- she deserves a nap & to play with her mousey ;)

I don`t have much planned for the rest of this Friday night: Make a salad for dinner (because I had two full plates at an Indian buffet for lunch- heaven) and obsessively smell my new apple-scented candle from IKEA.  I love apple scented candles, and it was only $1.99…


Happy Friday Everyone!

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