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Every week, I swear this is the week I will finally take advantage of Ottawa’s free museum day. To be all cultural, and go museum-ing (if that were a word, which it should be.  And museum-y. As in “How was the museum?” “Oh, it was great, very museum-y”).   And every week, I find myself saying “Nah, I`ll just make dinner & catch up on the Good Wife…”

Well this week, I actually went to a museum.  Don`t worry, I still spent some time catching up on the Good Wife, but I also went to a museum- woohoo!  And best of all, it was free.

In Ottawa, most museums offer free admission on Thursdays, as well as some public holidays like Remembrance Day & Canada Day.   Check out the websites for your local museums- I bet they have some free hours as well.  The Canada War Museum is free on Thursday from 4pm onwards, and I finally went to check it out.

Along with their regular exhibits, they are running a special photo exhibit called “Eleven Women Facing War.”  It was so informative & beautifully presented.


Photographer Nick Danziger originally photographed the 11 women in 2001, and ten years later, returned to find each woman & learn what they had been up to over the past 10 years.  His photographs are beautiful, and the exhibit is very interesting; Alongside the photos, the viewer is presented with bits of information on the women, transporting you into their world.  I love how simply the information on the women was presented- rather than long paragraphs, the artist uses a style similar to bullets-points to get the message across to the viewer quickly.

If you’re in Ottawa, check out this exhibit, which is in town until April 21st.  If not, maybe you will be lucky enough to catch it somewhere else in the world!

The rest of the Canadian War Museum was interesting as always, though my photo-obsessed self preferred the photography exhibit.  The whole museum is crammed with information, and you could spend hours & hours there.  But only if you are already caught up on the Good Wife of course, which I am not yet… so on that note- goodnight blog!

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