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where oh where did the weekend go

‘Tis Monday today.  Again.  The day I wake up in a haze saying “Huh? It’s Monday? No, that’s impossible, it I swear it was just Friday two second ago…”

But, all in all, it was a decent Monday.

This happened:


I made pulled pork this weekend, so today I grabbed up some greens, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese (duh), and ta-da: best salad ever.  It was my first time making pulled pork, and I learned that if you are going to take the time to cook a pork should for 7 hours, cook TWO pork shoulders for 7 hours.  Because dude, that is a long time, so I better be getting a lot of pulled pork out of it.

Something else amazing happened today: the sun didn’t fully set until 6pm.  Six o’clock!  A full hour of light after your typical 9-5 work day.  Only a few more weeks until I can wear a skirt again!  Okay, probably more like two months, but my denial is what will allow me to survive the last of winter…

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Ottawa Winterlude

Winterlude in Ottawa is a yearly festival which pretty much revolves around skating & eating beavertails.  Now, I don`t really skate, but I definitely eat Beavertails.  No idea what that is?  Its basically deep-fried dough (think a flat doughnut) topped with an awesome topping of your choice: the classic cinnamon & sugar, maple butter (this is Canada, after all), nutella, etc.  There’s even a savoury one with garlic & cheese on it, but I might have to judge you just a little bit if you order it- C’mon, you can get one with nutella AND reese’s pieces AND a caramel drizzle!

The true joy of Winterlude is, obviously, the Beavertails, but there are other things to keep you entertained too.  You know, when you run out money to buy more Beavertails.  The “Crystal Garden” is full of ice sculptures, like this awesome fish:

PicMonkey Collage (Fish Ice & Snow Bench)

We have a tooon of snow on the ground right now, as you can see from these snow-covered benches!
PicMonkey Collage (Now Pouring & Tree)
There are food stands, places set up for drinking- and the largest skating rink in the world! The Rideau Canal Skateway:

It’s so looong that some people even use it to skate to work!  A friend of mine skated the whole thing, and enjoyed a Beavertail at the beginning & again at the end.  It’s a workout- you earned it!

Walking along the frozen canal, we came across this epic little snowman that someone had made & set on a bench.  Then I accidentally knocked its head off! Don`t worry, I fixed the poor little guy.
PicMonkey Collage

Without further ado, pictures of my true love, the Beavertail!  I choose the “Killaloe Sunrise,” a twist on the classic Cinnamon & Sugar which includes lemon slices that you can squeeze all over the dough.  Sounds a little strange, but I swear, its amazing!

Yum yum yum!  The good news it, there are Beavertail stands & stores all across Canada- there is even one in Colorado, because we are slowly trying to fill the world with these delcious things- you`re welcome world.  But they taste best while skating (or in my case, walking) on the Rideau Canal.

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